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WV CALA Releases 2021 Dirty Dozen List

CHARLESTON — Today, West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse released its annual Dirty Dozen list of delegates that have received the most contributions from the personal injury lawsuit industry.

“Each year, personal injury lawyers spend large sums of money to purchase control of the West Virginia legislature. These numbers show that they are continuing their relentless cycle of attempting to buy power and influence,” expressed Greg Thomas with West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

“Their objective is to dismantle all of the legal reforms we have managed to establish in recent years, including the significant progress we secured during this year’s legislative session.”

This year’s list includes:

  1. Del. Ty Nestor (R-43) - $24,000

  2. Del. Joey Garcia (D-50) - $21,925

  3. Del. Mark Dean (R-21) - $9,000

  4. Del. Lisa Zukoff – (D-4) - $7,600

  5. Del. Shawn Fluharty (D-3) - $7,500

  6. Del. Brandon Steele (R-29) - $5,967

  7. Del. Doug Skaff (D-35) - $5,300

  8. Del. Barbara Evans Fleischauer (D-51) - $3,850

  9. Del. Kayla Young (D-35) – $3,000

  10. Del. Nathan Brown (R-20) - $2,000

  11. Del. Chad Lovejoy (D-17) - $2,000

  12. Del. Cody Thompson (D-43) - $1,500

This demonstrates that personal injury lawyers and their PACs are still attempting to buy elections in West Virginia. West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse will continue to serve as a watchdog, fighting against corruption, for the people of our state. West Virginia is not for sale and cannot be bought by greedy attorneys in the injury lawsuit industry.


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