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Our economy is dragging and the problems keep stacking up; stopping lawsuit abuse that makes it harder for businesses to succeed and create jobs needs to be a part of the solution. We need businesses to grow and create jobs—not close doors because of lawsuit abuse. 


The Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits Tour is a statewide campaign supported by groups across the state to bring attention to the effects of lawsuit abuse on our economy. Throughout 2014, the campaign will be making stops in West Virginia to spread the message and bring together those in support of legal reform.


Legal reform needs to be a national and state priority and part of encouraging business and economic growth and the jobs we need. Join West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse as we spread the message: We need more jobs, not more lawsuits.




Summer means poolside afternoons and lazy evenings… but it’s never a vacation for small business owners. Small businesses are the backbones of our local communities, but sadly they’re under attack from lawsuits:


  • More than a third of small business owners have been sued.

  • Over 60% of small business owners take burdensome precautions to avoid lawsuits, and 61 percent say that these actions make their products and services more expensive.

  • Approximately seven in ten small business owners say that a lawsuit would force them to reduce benefits for employees and hold back on hiring.


Source: U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform


That’s why we are declaring this "Small Business Summer" - an opportunity to bring to light the effects of lawsuit abuse and help ensure that the voices of small business owners are heard.What can you do to help?


Small Businesses


  • Post the small business partner badge on your website to let your community know how important legal reform is to you.

  • Share the partner fact sheets to help community members understand how lawsuit abuse hurts small businesses and encourage them to get involved.

Engaged Citizens


  • Download the legal consumer guide to arm yourself with information on the importance of personal responsibility and help protect yourself from abusive lawsuits.

  • One of the best ways to fight lawsuit abuse is to serve on a jury, and support employees when they are called upon to do so. Our legal system only works when we all participate.


Everyone can follow us on Facebook to stay up-to-date on local Create Jobs, Not Lawsuits events and the latest in legal reform news.


Join us in sending the clear, simple message: “We need to create jobs, not lawsuits!”

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