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Every day, headlines splash across newspapers around the country broadcasting the bleak and often frightening realities of our economic times. On the national level, we hear about lagging employment numbers and concern over competitiveness. At the community level, we hear the stories of businesses closing their doors and local programs being cut. In category after category, we’re in the red.


The Lemon takes a satirical look at the problem of lawsuit abuse by pointing out the absurdities in our legal system. While the majority of the stories in this paper are fiction, they mirror stories that run in newspapers, on TV and across blogs every day. In this paper, the real stories are marked in yellow boxes — but it might be more difficult to discern the truth in everyday life.


The truth is, our nation is suffering, and the abuse of our courts plagues our economy. Legal reform needs to be a national priority if we are serious about encouraging jobs and business and spurring our economy. Let’s focus more on producing jobs, goods and services and less on generating lawsuits before our economy falls further behind.


We hope you enjoy reading The Lemon, but keep in mind that these stories represent the mockery that has become our civil justice system.



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