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West Virginia CALA Releases Statement On Personal Injury Trial Lawyer Advertising During COVID-19 Pa

West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse is releasing the following statement today in response to recent personal injury trial lawyer advertising running during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It is sad, yet not surprising, that greedy personal injury attorneys would be shamelessly running ads focused on victims of COVID-19, as we are in the middle of this crisis. While healthcare and job providers are focused on trying to keep people safe and healthy, personal injury lawyers are once again trying to use our legal system as their personal ATMs to try and quench their insatiable lust for cash,” said Jordan Burgess, executive director of WV CALA.

The below ad has been running on West Virginia tv stations for weeks.

“In addition to working with legislative leaders to come up with a solution to protect healthcare and job providers as they work on COVID-19 response, WV CALA will be highlighting personal injury lawyer greed as they run shameless ads and simultaneously try and buy State Supreme Court seats in the primary election.”

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