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WV CALA Releases 2020 Dirty Dozen List

Charleston, WV—The local legal watchdog group, West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse, released its annual Dirty Dozen list today of candidates for State Legislature that have received the most money from the personal injury lawsuit industry. “Every year, greedy personal injury lawyers spend millions of dollars trying to buy control of the West Virginia legislature. This year is no different,” said Jordan Burgess, Executive Director of West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. “The campaign cash comes in with high hopes that the personal injury lawyers will take back control of the Legislature to roll back all of the legal reforms we have helped secure in recent years.” This year’s list includes: 1. Andrew Robinson (SD 17) - $135,750 2. Randy Swartzmiller (SD 1) - $63,150 3. Josh Gary (SD 2) - $41,000 4. Christian Turak (HD 4) - $40,675 5. Mike Caputo (SD 13) - $35,950 6. Doug Facemire (SD 12) - $34,900 7. Pete Dougherty (SD 16) - $31,450 8. Denise Campbell (SD 11) - $29,625 9. Ralph Rodighiero (SD 7) - $21,100 10. Glenn Jeffries (SD 8) - $16,800 11. Lisa Zukoff (HD 4) - $9,000 12. Shawn Fluharty (HD 3) - $7,000 Burgess added, “As you can see, the personal injury lawyers joined with their brothers in greed, the union bosses, to try and take control of the State Senate. Several northern panhandle legislators are also on the list on the House side.” In this 2020 election, it is clear West Virginia personal injury lawyers couldn't stop with their attempt to buy seats in the legislature just with their contributions to the "Dirty Dozen" list. They had to pour hundreds of thousands of dollars into a shady, dark money PAC called ReSet West Virginia. "It is clear that ReSet's objective is to reset West Virginia's economy and families with higher healthcare costs, higher unemployment rates, and no opportunity for our future generations," said Jordan Burgess, Executive Director of West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. "It is clear that any candidate receiving support from ReSet West Virginia doesn't have the best interest of the citizens of our great state," continued Burgess. West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse will always shine light on those special interests trying to buy elections here in West Virginia. Tell the greedy personal injury lawyers and their dark money PACs that West Virginia is NOT FOR SALE!

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