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Majority of West Virginia Citizens Support Intermediate Court, Legal Reforms

Charleston, WV—West Virginia citizens support significant legal reforms and the creation of an Intermediate Court being passed by West Virginia Legislature during the 2019 Legislative Session according the recent polling conducted by West Virginia Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse.

In a recent statewide poll conducted by WV CALA, 60% of respondents said that they support the creation of an Intermediate Court of Appeals in West Virginia. Here are some of the results from WV CALA poll: 1. 77% of respondents say that for an individual to file a personal injury lawsuit that the individual must prove that they have been injured 2. 82% of respondents say juries should know whether an individual was wearing a seatbelt. 3. 60% of Respondents say that they support the creation of an Intermediate Court of Appeal that would bring West Virginia in line with other business friendly states.

“West Virginia citizens support additional legal reforms that will continue to bring West Virginia in line with a majority of other states,” said WV CALA Executive Director Jordan Burgess. “It is time for the creation of an Intermediate Court for the state of West Virginia, as well as, the passage of Medical Monitoring and Seat Belt Admissibility legislation by the West Virginia Legislature.”

The West Virginia Legislature has passed dozens of legal reforms over the last half decade to improve West Virginia’s legal climate to make West Virginia better for families and business.

“The citizens of our great state support the legal reforms passed by our legislature over the years, but there are still significant policies supported by our citizens to be considered during the 2019 Legislative Session,” concluded Burgess.

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